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Bob Hardie W5UQ

Mailing Address
PO Box 1224
Magnolia, TX 77353

Shipping Address
28103 Nichols Sawmill Road
Magnolia, TX 77355



Expert Service

Bob and Elva Hardie

Bob Hardie W5UQ &
Elva Hardie KG5HIE


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Expert Linears America, LLC

Bob Hardie, W5UQ, owns and operates Expert Linears America, LLC and has distributorship for SPE Expert Linears in the Americas. He is also the only factory trained and authorized repair person in the western hemisphere now. He has been the service depot for Expert Amps for over 7 years now. All of his sales will carry warranty with him providing the service. See our Warranty. You will also find it on the Products Tab (Read the Warranty).

Personal Background
Bob's experiences in ham radio includes over 60 years of operating and repairing all types of ham radio equipment. Many of you have visited his flea market tables at hamfests in Florida , Texas and Louisiana as well as Dayton. Bob has been on several DXpeditions, like Africa, A25UQ and Swaziland, 3DA0ET, plus many in the Caribbean.

Broadcasting Career
With 50 years plus of RF experience in building several AM and FM radio and high power TV stations, from the old tube type to modern solid state transmitters, Bob has gained the expertise to repair sophisticated solid state ham radio RF linears.

Continued Training
He has made several trips to the SPE factory in Rome, not only for schooling on the design and repair of all SPE Expert Linears, but he spent two weeks at the factory helping build Expert Linears, aka Expert Amps, as well.

Bob is blessed to have such a supportive wife, Elva. She is a great asset to Expert Linears America assisting Bob in day to day business activities and attending hamfests with him.

Sales Team
Expert Linears America, LLC also has several “in the field sales support team members”. They are listed on the Contact page.

Finally, Bob is very proud of his excellent reputation in dealing with the ham radio community. As well as his excellence for service and repair. Ask around as you are sure to hear others speak highly of him and his experiences. Expert Linears America, LLC “is Bob Hardie, W5UQ”.

Affiliations & Licenses

  • Former SBE National Board Member
    • Former Chapter Chairman of Tulsa, Kansas City and Tampa Bay Chapters.
  • CSRTE Lifetime Certified
  • 8VSB Certified
  • FCC First Class Radio-telephone License since 1958 (Now General FCC License)
  • Amateur Radio License since 1954. Extra Class licensed for several years. Over 60 years of ham radio experience supports Bob's overall experiences.